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Arson Audio is your premier spot to have your tracks mixed and mastered. We are a team of international award-winning and multi-platinum engineers to independent artists, media outlets, brands, labels, and spaces worldwide. We provide you the best service for any project.

What makes Arson Audio DIFFERENT? As the fastest-growing musical landscape– Arson Audio mission is to be your most trusted partner in providing resources to the artists. We innovate this marketplace to bring out the clean sound quality you’ll need as an artist to make your music hit.
We’re also committed to provide the best experience inside and out, making arsonaudio.com the best and easiest place for our artisits to benefit from.
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At Arson Audio we clearly understand that music mixing is one of the most important parts of music recording process. Mixing blends the elements of your songs together and boosts the overall level of its sonic picture.

Arson Audio is fully loaded with skilled engineers that will work hard to achieve the up most results at professional standards. Music mixing with our High-Tech equipment makes all the difference between professional demos and the broadcast quality master tracks.

Why not hire us today and let us bring the best out of your songs.



Professional equipment and experienced engineers are the two crucial things when mastering music. However, what truly give heart to music is the power of creativity and soul. That’s why we always put so much effort into creating a studio workflow that inspires and brings out the creative process at Arson Audio.

We are renowned for professionally mastering music effortlessly, and we also specialize in providing high quality music mastering services to both remote and local artists.

Arson Audio don’t just give you little taste of our top notch service by mastering a track, we also offer full album mastering services.

So why wait any longer? Let’s give either your track or that exclusive album our magical music mastering touch and watch your songs soar up to the top of the charts.


Email Blast

With our emailing service, we literally send your song or album to thousands of dj’s bloggers, and more.

Arson Audio in-house team of experts are well trained to deliver comprehensive email campaigns that will surely get you featured both online and offline.

Our marketing experts are capable of helping you grow your fan base and will also drive massive downloads to your music. We will ensure that you get all the necessary exposure you need to get your music heard.

So why not let us get your music out to the masses by working with us today.